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10 Tips to Build Self Confidences

Posted by dedenia72 on August 31, 2009

10 Tips to Build Self Confidences

  1. For the first step, find your problems which make yourself felt not confidence. Once you knowing it, you were get the key to rebuild and recover your self confidence to be you wanted.
  2. Fight your weakness. The most important thing is you must have strong motivation. You’ll see one little succeed as truly one, if only you have strong motivation.images
  3. Try to exploring your talents and abilities. With this, you will create compensation for your weakness, so your weakness will not be important thing to you anymore.
  4. Be happy with your succeed in your specify field and do not doubt to proud of it. Your calculating above your succeed is more important to your mind than people’s opinion around you.
  5. Free yourself from other people’s opinion. Do not doing something that you not wanted. With that, you are going to freedom to make creation and believe with yourself.
  6. If you’re not satisfied with result of your job but don’t have any possibility to make it better, express your talents via hobby. You can reduce your disappointment and avoid you to become disbelief with yourself.
  7. If you asked to do a difficult job, try to doing that with optimistic feeling. If  you facing it with afraid feeling, in the future you’ll become under estimating about your ability and you will fail in other easier job in the future.
  8. Do not having ambition too high. In build self confidence, try to making easy ambition. You will feel satisfied when you succeed to reach it. If your self confidence being greater, you can making higher ambition in the next one.
  9. Do not comparing yourself with other people too often. There are many things that people can do but you cannot. If you continuously comparing yourself to other, there is a possibility you become disappointing with yourself. This will make you under estimating yourself abilities.
  10. Do not taking motto like “If people can do well about one thing, so can I”, because nobody can have same result. It depends on their specified abilities.

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