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How to Quit Smoking

Posted by dedenia72 on August 14, 2009

quit smoking nowMany people trying to quit smoking because they have known about the danger about that. But many people trying and many people failed too. Just a few people who succeed to quit.

There are tips from people who succed to quitting from smoking. Check it :

  • Keep yourself busy and active. Avoid situation where you usually smoking.
  • don’t drink coffee after eating. Leave the table and brush your teeth immedietly after eat.
  • Going out
  • Doing activities that have a relation with physics. Like fitness or joging.
  • Spend a lot of time at places where you don’t allowed to smoking. Example: library, etc
  • Watching movies, vacation, swimming
  • Eat your favourites food as much as you could. If you want to smoking, eat bubble gums or peppermint.
  • Say to yourself that you won’t -just  for 10 minutes- smoking again. Then going out to take some fresh air, you’ll losing your desire to smoking when you back at home, perhaps.
  • Brus your teeths after eat
  • Stop drinking coffees.
  • Left your car at home. Going travel by bus.

You can try that tips. If it don’t work, just try to reducing your cigarretes consumption. When you can do that, its one step closer to quit smoking totally.


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