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Mbah Surip and Michael Jackson

Posted by dedenia72 on August 8, 2009

Who is the most fenomenals artist? Mbah Surip or Michael Jackson?

imagesmsUrip Haryanto or more familiar with Mbah Surip is musician from Indonesia. The most sensational song of Mbah Surip is “Tak Gendong”. Age is not stopping him to entertaining. He started his music carrier at 70 years old. Could you believe that? Since his hits single ‘Tak Gendong” booming, he got shows offer more than 3 shows at different places each day. He died at 2009, less than 1 year after he starting his carrier. But his assets values more not less than 4 billion rupiahs. But not his money that made him became a legend. His music, loyalties to entertain people, make him cannot be forgotten. He decide to left his ordinary life and become a street musician. Life uncertainly until his hits shows up on TV. Mbah Surip is the man who deserve with words from Zero to Hero. He is the most valuable Indonesian artist at this time.

imagesjaMichael Jackson or Jacko is legend at music industry. His album is always sold more than millions copies. His fans cannot count in this universe. If you asking who is the most succesfull musician in this world to me, I will answer Jacko (of course without looking his day life). He is one of controversional artist. Sexual case, skins surgery, masked sons, etc. But there are not reasons to make him losing his fans. we will remember Jacko. He died at 2009. The world crying heard this. We cannot and don’t want believe this true. After all, we will remember him as the most fenomenal and sensational artist who ever lived.

Okay, that my stories about both of them. This is not about comparing and choosing who is the best. We will remember them as people who dedicated their rest of life to music. They both are legends. No complaining about that.

Good bye Mbah surip, good bye Jacko. You are eternal ……….


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